Street Sweeping Program

The City of Abilene is committed to keeping our community a beautiful place to live, work and play. As part of that commitment the Stormwater Services Division has an enhanced street sweeping program to serve our community.

The City of Abilene’s Stormwater Division provides a high level of service by:

  • Providing high levels of drainage improvement
  • Keeping roads clean
  • Ensuring that operations have a minimum impact on the environment

By sweeping we:

  • Improve the area’s aesthetics
  • Eliminate trash and natural debris
  • Reduce pollutants from entering waterways
  • Prevent clogging of drainage inlets

The sweeping program comprises of six (6) full-time employees and six (6) street sweepers. In 2018, our sweeping equipment and operators swept over 2,250 curb miles (or miles along the roadside) and removed 8,400 cubic yards of debris from the roadway.  In 2019, our sweeping equipment and operators swept over 2,200 curb miles (or miles along the roadside). As a result of sweeping this many miles, the sweepers removed approximately 7,000 cubic yards of debris from the roadway. That is enough debris to fill 5 Olympic size swimming pools.

Duvelo 6000 Street Sweeper

Sweeping Schedule

The Stormwater Services Division is committed to enhance the street curb & gutter system with an improved and robust sweeping cycle. Regularly sweeping street curbs & gutters helps protect the water quality of local streams, creeks and lakes.

Street Sweeping Schedule:

  • Downtown/Central Business Districts comprising 23.5 miles are swept 1-2 times a week.
  • Main streets, arterials and around schools encompasses 91.4 miles swept 3-4 times a year.
  • Residential streets with curb and gutter are swept in a grid pattern on the north and south sides 2-3 times a year.
  • Emergency spills take the highest priority and will be taken care of as needed.
  • City owned/operated parking lots are swept once a year.
  • Weekly sweeping schedule for the city will be made available on the City’s TV Channel (Suddenlink Channel 2) OR posted on

** Weather conditions and equipment availability has a major impact on the sweeping plan.

Herbicide Treatment

As part of the street sweeping program a licensed and trained operator will apply herbicide to control weed growth in the curb & gutter system. A herbicide spray system has been installed on the street sweepers. Seconds after the sweeper has cleaned the gutter it is followed up with a metered spray of herbicide if it senses plants are growing in and around cracks or joints in curbs and gutters. We are combining two operations into one with no net increase in expense because the sweeper is already out cleaning. The herbicide treatment will focus on appearance, functionality and public safety. This new system allows for the minimum metered dose of herbicide necessary to do the job which will significantly reduce the environmental impact of chemical application. More details on the herbicide treatment can be found in the City’s street sweeping plan. 

Property Owner’s Responsibilities

Things to Know and Do:

The City’s street sweeping program removes dirt and debris from City streets to provide a healthy, safe and attractive environment for Abilene residents and visitors. Regular removal of leaves and debris by citizens, property owners and renters (check your lease or renter’s agreement) as well as City of Abilene crews is necessary to prevent stormwater drains from clogging, which can result in street flooding. Street sweeping also protects water quality and minimizes the burden on the sewer system from surface debris.

Do I need to move my car during sweeping? Keeping the roadway in front of your house free of large objects and obstructions is the best way to assist street sweeping crews clean-up efforts in keeping your street clean. Items such as cars, bicycles, toys, basketball goals and trash containers block the roadway and make it difficult for the sweeper to maneuver and clean the street properly.

Help us keep your street clean:

  • Remove large sticks & branches
  • Remove grass or weeds that grow in your gutter. This will reduce debris in front of your home and will improve water runoff during a rainstorm.
  • Report abandoned vehicles to the City’s Code Compliance Division at 325-676-6241.
  • Properly trim your trees and shrubs so they do not hang over into the roadway. This allows street sweepers to clean next to your curb & gutter.
  • Organize or participate in neighborhood clean-ups. 
  • If you own a pet, please abide by the City’s animal waste clean-up ordinance. Put all pet waste in a trash receptacle.
  • Teach your children the benefits of a clean neighborhood and encourage them to dispose of litter properly.CurbsAndGutters-Proof