What You Can Do To Help

Water is the single most damaging element to street pavement. When it is allowed to get into the pavement through cracks, it can get into the underlying base. This softens the base and allows the pavement shift. That speeds up the deterioration of the street and shortens its lifetime.

You can help maintain the health of your street by doing a few very simple things:

Grass and dirt in curb 4


DON’T allow dirt and grass to accumulate in your curb.

Accumulated dirt allows grass and weeds to grow into the pavement. The roots of the plants work their way through the pavement, causing it to crack or break into pieces. Water can then get under the pavement and cause premature failure of the street.
Debris on curb


DON’T put trash and debris over the curb and into the street.

Trash and debris that covers the curb and goes into the street causes a number of problems: it allows dirt to accumulate on the street which allows grass and weeds to grow into the pavement, it allows weeds and grass to spread from the yard to the street, and it blocks the flow of water. All of these things contribute to deterioration of the street pavement.
Blocked curb and water


DON’T allow debris to build-up and block the flow of runoff.

Water can damage pavement. Curbs protect pavement by channeling runoff. It is important to minimize debris build-up and blockage so that water can drain freely off of the street.
Clean curb 6 with check


DO keep your curb clean and clear.

Keep your grass edged so that it doesn’t grow into the street. Sweep up the grass clippings and either compost them, put them back onto your lawn or throw them in the trash. Clear out any growth between the concrete and the asphalt pavement. Sweep up any dirt (and put it back on your lawn) so that weeds don’t have a chance to grow.
Clean setout with check_0


DO keep yard waste and bulky trash off of the curb.

Stack yard waste and bulky trash on the frontage during your scheduled curbside bulk & brush collection, but keep it off the curb and pavement. By keeping the curb clear of obstructions, you help to prevent grass and weeds from growing into the pavement and you help water to run off of the street or curb and into the storm drain. 
Curb with water flowing and check


DO keep your curb clean so water flows and doesn’t pond.

When you keep your curbs and gutters clean, you help to keep water off of the pavement and out of the base material. This helps to extend the life of the street. 

More Tips

  • If you own a pet, please abide by the City’s animal waste clean-up ordinance. Put all pet waste in a trash receptacle.
  • Teach your children the benefits of a clean neighborhood and encourage them to dispose of litter properly.

To Report Problems or Hazardous Conditions

Reporting problems or hazardous conditions is easy. The City of Abilene provides to different ways of making a report for your convenience: 

  • File a report on SeeClickFix via the city’s website or download the mobile application on your phone today
  • Call our hotline at (325) 437-4937.