Stash the Trash. Put A Lid On It!


Each year, enough trash to fill 512 dump trucks is picked up along Abilene roadways; some trash can end up in our local waterways. When it rains, trash from roads and parking lots washes into storm drains that lead directly to creeks and which can be harmful to birds, fish, and other wildlife.

Here are some ways that you can help keep it clean around your home and community.


  • Pick up any litter around your home, including the driveway, sidewalk, and gutter.
  • Make sure that your trash and recycle cans lids are securely attached.
  • Dispose products like paint, oil, electronics and other hazardous waste, properly. Visit City of Abilene’s Environmental Recycling Center for more information.


  • Food and snack packaging make up 41% of collected litter. Bags, wrappers, cups, lids, etc. should be thrown away in a trash can with a sealable lid.
  • Remember to use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags from the store.
  • Use a refillable drinking water bottle rather than purchasing bottled water in plastic.


  • Put trash containers and cigarette butt receptacles at convenient locations used by employees and visitors, like entry/exit points or break areas.
  • Check trash containment areas every day to make sure dumpster lids are closed.
  • When hauling construction/landscaping materials or debris, make sure your load is securely covered when transporting.