At-Home Car Maintenance

Those soap suds are not clean!

Washing your car in a driveway or street means the dirty water flows untreated into the nearest storm drain and to the nearest creek and lake. This used water contains residue from gasoline, rust, motor oil, exhaust fumes (caked on your tail pipe). The soap you use may also contain phosphates, which can cause algae blooms in waterways.

Wash Your Car at a Car Wash

While it is not against the city’s ordinance to wash your car in your driveway, it is not good practice. Take your car to a commercial car wash where the wash water is directed to a treatment system and in most cases they recycle and reuse it. If you must was your car at home, do it on the lawn because it allows the water to be absorbed by the grass. This is an easy 2 for 1: Your car gets washed and your lawn gets watered at the same time. $$$ savings

Maintain your Vehicle

  • Maintain your vehicle and repair any fluid leaks or spills immediately. Those drips on the pavement will be picked up with the next rain storm and washed into the nearest creek.
  • Make plans to capture and clean up spills from your work area, if you work on your own vehicle.
  • Recycle used vehicle fluids at the Environmental Recycling Center Product Exchange Program. NEVER hose down a spill.

Repair Vehicle Leaks