Hazardous Household Waste

How do I get rid of these chemicals?

We’ve all had to get rid of used motor oil, left over paint and solvents, and fertilizer. Please be sure to recycle or properly dispose of these items at the City’s Environmental Recycling Center. Taking them to the environmental center in town means you are keeping them from accidentally ending up in our waterways. Do NOT throw these materials in the trash. They end up in the landfill and leach into the ground and our groundwater supply.

What are some household hazardous waste items?

Household hazardous waste are products that contain hazardous chemicals and ingredients requiring special care. These are products that can catch fire, react when mixed with another chemical, are toxic or corrosive and can even explode under certain circumstances. Here is a list of just a few items that need to be disposed of correctly:

  • Household cleaners              Laundry Products              Lawn & Garden Products
  • Car Products/Used Oil          Paint thinners                    Fertilizers
  • Fuel                                       Turpentine                         Insecticide/Pesticides
  • Batteries                                Cooking Oil                       Mercury Thermometers
  • Fluorescent tubes                  Paint/stains                       Pet products
  • Pool chemicals

For more information on how and where to dispose of these items, call the Environmental Recycling Center at 325-672-2209.

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