Why doesn't the City spray every day?

There are several factors that go into a determination by Environmental Health to use an adulticide to control mosquitos, they are:

  • Surveillance of adult populations - over 300 oviposited females per night caught in trap.
  • A positive sample for West Nile Virus or other Arbovirus from the Texas Department of Health Services lab.
  • Restrictions from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on specific pesticides to protect the environment.
  • When was the last time that area had been sprayed and is there water sources in the area producing mosquito larvae?
  • Weather plays a large factor. EPA pesticides are only allowed to be sprayed prior to dawn and after dusk and the wind speed must be less than 10 mph and cool temperatures (less than 90 degrees). So that limits the time we can spray adulticide.

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1. When will the City spray?
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4. Why doesn't the City spray every day?
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