How can I get a copy of a birth certificate?

A qualified applicant may obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate at the Health District Vital Statistics Office. We can retrieve records from any county in the State of Texas. For a birth certificate application form, visit Vital Statistics. Certificates are available for pickup the following business day after a completed request and payment is received in our office and a photo ID is required to receive a vital record.


The following persons may apply:

  • Court of law
  • Individual requesting his/her own birth certificate
  • A legal representative of the individual named on the certificate, parent or guardian. The representative must have a letter signed by the person, parent or guardian which has been certified by a notary public stating that the representative has permission to obtain the birth certificate
  • Parent or guardian of the individual named on the certificate. Proof of guardianship is required

Vital record application forms are available in our office for all other states within the U.S, or you may visit the National Center for Health Statistics website.

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