What water education programs are available?

The City of Abilene Water Department sponsors a variety of free educational programs. Educators are encouraged to take advantage of these quality programs. For program information, call 325-676-6041 and ask for the Laboratory Manager.

The Water Department also offers tours of its water treatment plants and the wastewater treatment plant. Please call Water Administration at 325-676-6419 for more information and scheduling.

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1. When I turn my water faucet on it smells like rotten eggs. What is causing the smell?
2. How hard is my water?
3. Is our water safe?
4. For what substances do we test?
5. How often is testing performed?
6. Who performs the tests?
7. Are any other tests performed on City of Abilene drinking water?
8. Why does the City put fluoride in the water?
9. What does the City use to disinfect drinking water?
10. What water education programs are available?