Can I park a vehicle in my yard?

Vehicles are not allowed to be parked in the yard of any residence.

Allowed Parking Areas

  • On improved parking surfaces composed of pavement, concrete, bricks, or similar materials
  • In areas screened from public view inside of a building or by solid or opaque fencing
  • On gravel driveways meeting the following requirements:
    • The parking area must be contained and clearly defined from the rest of the yard, by either lowering the ground surface enough to allow the top of the gravel to be flush with the existing yard, or by using some form of physical barrier such as landscape edging, bricks, concrete edging, or a similar treatment.
    • The parking area must be constructed of granular limestone, sandy gravel, or asphalt milling. The material is required to be compacted to a density similar to the surrounding natural soils a minimum of 3 feet deep after compacting and free from contaminants such as topsoil or vegetation dense enough to prevent rutting.


Driveways must be constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Public Works Department, and an Approach Permit must be obtained prior to construction. For more information regarding the Approach Permit, call the Public Works Department at 325-676-6281.

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