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Children's Area

Subfacility of South Branch Library

Childrens AreaThe Children's Area is one of our bustling areas for patrons and staff. This area is used for most storytime programming conducted by staff, as well as some special programming hosted by outside groups that don't need to be contained within a room. When not in use for programming, this is a great seating area for patrons and guests. Comfortable lounge furniture can be found around the outside perimeter and youth can be seen sitting in the open space reading books, playing with busy bag activities, putting puzzles together, and playing on our AWE Early Literacy stations that offer educational gaming opportunities across a variety of subjects.

This area is not available to be rented out for outside groups, but appears as a facility listing as it's a place in the library that is utilized for library programs. It's surrounded by the children's collection at the library, housing materials for beginner readers through middle school. It's also located in view of the children's play area located inside the mall, so parents are able to monitor their children whether they're inside the library or at the play area.