How does FOG affect business?

So what does this ordinance mean for your business? The good news - if you are already pumping grease regularly and have trip manifest records on-site, nothing. You are in compliance and it will be business as usual. But for those food service businesses that are not, it is now a requirement. 

From now on, the City of Abilene will be doing random inspections. Businesses that are in violation of the ordinance will have an opportunity for voluntary compliance - an option period to correct the violations. If violations are found during the follow-up inspection and with any future inspections, a minimum fine of $1,000 will be issued. The amount and course of action by the City are dependent on the severity of the violations. Extreme issues can even result in a stop work order.

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1. What lead to the FOG ordinance?
2. How does FOG affect business?