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Central Preparation Facility Permission for Use Verification Form

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    This form serves to verify that the owner of the Central Preparation Facility (CPF) submitted for use has granted permission to the mobile food vendor to utilize the CPF. By providing approval, the CPF agrees to the following responsibilities:

    1. Maintain a current and valid food establishment permit.
    2. Provide adequate and approved waste disposal facilities for handling waste water disposal, oil/grease, trash disposal, and all other necessary waste disposal.
    3. Provide an approved process for providing fresh water to mobile units.
    4. Allow the Mobile Unit to report to CPF for all cleaning and servicing operations.
    5. Allow food to be stored and held overnight as necessary under designated approved sanitary conditions.
    6. Allow the mobile food unit to store equipment and supplies at the CPF, if necessary.
    7. Allow only one mobile food unit to operate during the time slot.

    ***The CPF must provide a current copy of the CPF’s food establishment permit***

  3. Name of CPF Owner
  4. Name of Mobile Vending Unit
  5. Name of CPF Establishment
  6. Address of CPF Establishment
  7. My establishment will serve as a Central Preparation Facility for the Mobile Vending Unit during the following hours of operation.
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