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Servicing Area Facility Agreement Form

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    Servicing Area Required:

    If a waiver is granted for a Central Preparation Facility, the Mobile Food Unit operator must provide information about the servicing operations. This includes the location the Mobile Food Unit operator will use to fill their potable water supply and the disposal of liquid waste, per city ordinance, ARTICLE VIII. FATS, OILS, & GREASE Sec. 32-401. The servicing area must comply with all requirements identified in TFER 228.221(c)(1)(A)-(E).

    A servicing area may not be a private home or living quarters. If the servicing area is not owned by the operator, a signed letter of authorization is required.
  3. This form serves to verify that the servicing area facility submitted for use has granted permission to the mobile food vendor to allow sewage and other liquid wastes to be removed in such a way that a public health hazard or nuisance is not created. By providing approval, the servicing area facility agrees to the following responsibilities:

    (1) Protection.

    • (A) A Mobile Food Unit servicing area shall include at least overhead protection for any supplying, cleaning, or servicing operation. Those areas used only for the loading of water and/or the discharge of sewage and other liquid waste, through the use of a closed system of hoses, need not be provided with overhead protection.
    • (B) Within the servicing area, the location provided for the flushing and drainage of liquid wastes shall be separate from the location provided for potable water servicing and for the loading and unloading of food and related supplies.
    • (C) A servicing area will not be required where only packaged food is placed on the Mobile Food Unit or where Mobile Food Units do not contain waste retention tanks.
    • (D) The surface of the servicing area shall be constructed of a smooth nonabsorbent material, such as concrete or machine-laid asphalt and shall be maintained in good repair, kept clean, and be graded to drain.
    • (E) Potable water servicing equipment shall be installed in the servicing area according to the Plumbing Code and shall be stored and handled in a way that protects the water and equipment from contamination.
  4. Name of Servicing Area Facility Manager
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