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Gotta Catch a Trout 2021

  1. Instructions
    For our Trout Fest, we ask that each submission be completed by one individual. Please fill out your name, age, email address, and upload your photo(s) of your fish next to a ruler or measuring device. If you have more than one individual in your group out fishing, submit this form for one person, then rescan the QR code to create a new submission for the other person. Rescan the QR code if you come out more than one day. If you didn't happen to catch any fish one day, go ahead and fill out the form still so we can track how many days you have gone out fishing to Cal Young Park to be entered into our contest for the Most Days Fished. If there's a tie in one of the contests, a random winner will be drawn. The Trout Fest is from December 5-15. Happy Fishing!
  2. Upload the photo(s) of the fish you caught here. Be sure to have the fish next to a ruler or measuring device for our judges to review.
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