• Wooden Walkway Raised Above the Ground
  • Wooden Shelter with Two Benches Built into It
  • Swingset with Four Swings on a Wood Chip Lot
  • Playground Structure with a Spiral Tube Slide
  • Light Cascading Onto the a Walkway in a Heavily Wooded Area
  • Kirby Lake Dock Surrounded by Metal Railings
  • Fairly Large Rectangular Picnic Shelter
  • Elevated Walkway in a Heavily Wooded Area
  • Dirt Beach Beside Kirby Lake
  • Concrete Lot with a Boat Ramp down to the Lake
  • Children Nature Play Depicting Kids Activities in the Park
  • Ballfield Complex
  • Area Outside the Ballfield
  • A Network of Sidewalk Paths Beside a Playground Lot

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