• Walkway up to a Small Elevated Playground Area
  • Tube Slide Coming  out of the Side of a Playground Structure
  • Swingset with Four Swings on a Wood Chip Lot
  • Stadium Lights Rise Above Ballfields
  • Skate Park
  • Skate Park 2
  • Simple Concrete Basketball Court with One Goal
  • Sign at the Entrance of the Oscar Rose Park
  • Sandy Volleyball Area with Benches on Either Side of the Net
  • Recreation Center Building Exterior
  • Pavement Path Winding Through Park
  • Pavement Path Bending Around the Park Under Large Shade Trees
  • Pathway Bending by Picnic Tables Under Trees
  • Oscar Rose Ballfield Seen from the Leftside of the Outfield
  • Open Grassy Lot Surrounded by Trees
  • Open Field in the Park
  • Green and Grey Brick Park Building
  • Front Side of the Rose Park Recreation Center Building
  • Especially Long Red and Green  Playground Structure on a Wood Chip Lot
  • Concrete Pathway Going Around the Playground Lot
  • Another Four Swing Swingset
  • Aerial View of the Ballfield in the Oscar Rose Park

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