• Wooden Platform Looking out Onto the Lake
  • Wooden Platform Looking out Onto a Lake with a Sign Depicting the Wildlife Fowl in the Area
  • View Overlooking an Empty Grass Field with the Lake Seen Beyond It
  • View from Underneath a Large Picnic Shelter
  • Very Long, Horizontal Pavillion
  • Simple Shelter over a Picnic Table and Trashcan
  • Sign at the Entrance of the See Bee Park
  • Shallow Flooded a Land at the Edge of the Lake
  • Road Running Parallel to a Metal Railing Fence
  • Parking Lot Beside Restroom Building and Shelter
  • Open Grassy Field with Overgrowths of Vegetation at Its Edges
  • Looking out upon the Lake in Sea Bee Park
  • Looking out Onto the Park Trail and Trees
  • Lake Seen Past Tall Growths of Grass and Bushes
  • Grass and Brush Field

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