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Activity Room

Subfacility of South Branch Library


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Board Games
  3. Chairs
  4. Computer
  5. Free WiFi
  6. Gaming Consoles
  7. Tables
  8. Televisions

Teen Room 05The Activity Room is open during the library's hours of operation and is a unique space within the facility. Former the Teen Room, this area has been repurposed into a secondary activity room to meet the demand of space for programming and a secondary meeting room space due to the overflow of bookings for the Meeting Room.

This space comes equipped with cafe seating, comfortable lounge seating, a color wall, two television screens for gaming purposes, a color wall, and tables and chairs available for workshops and presentations. This space is primarily used as a secondary space to host library programming for all ages, as well as storytimes if the meeting room is in use.

This room is an enclosed area by glass doors at its entrance, and activity inside is easily visible from within the library as well as from the interior of the mall by guests. Priority for usage of this room is given to staff, but it may also be rented out by the public. Contact staff at 325-698-7565 for more information.