Stormwater Services

Abilene Stormwater Services

Stormwater Services works to promote stewardship of Abilene's lakes, creeks, and drainage ways while maintaining compliance with federal, state, and local stormwater regulations.

Stormwater Services also inspects construction sites and industrial facilities, develops educational outreach, and manages the City's Municipal Separate Storm System (MS4).

  1. Scheduled Projects
  2. Completed Projects

Scheduled Projects for September 17-24, 2021

Creek Channel Maintenance

  • Catclaw Creek from N. 15th to N. 10th
  • Elm Creek at Richland Gabion Wall
  • Cedar Creek E.S. 11th to Stevenson Park

Drainage Easement Maintenance

  • Vineyard Detention Pond
  • Southwest Drive Detention Pond

Mowing/Tree Trimming

  • Hwy 36, Arnold, Russell, Mockingbird & Bridge, Paint Brush
  • Meadow & Beck, 3001 Buffalo Gap, 4626 Hummingbird
  • 2402 N. 1st, Campus court, 3652 Pine, North Shore & Aspin
  • Old Anson & Jameson, 1249 Westmoreland, 555 E.N. 10th
  • E.N. 14th & Austin and Catclaw Creek
  • Detention Ponds:
    • Sammons ▪ Bayhill
    • Sunset ▪ Silver Oaks
    • Olive Grove ▪ Chimney Rock
    • Florence ▪ Randy
    • Venice ▪ Terri Ann
    • Tradition ▪ Bishop
    • Wylie Legacy ▪ Duchess

Street Sweeping

  • Central Business District:
    N. 2nd, N. 3rd, N. 4th, N. 5th, N. 6th, N. 7th, N. 8th, Hickory, Cedar, Cypress, Walnut, Chestnut, Oak, Sycamore
  • Arterials - Judge Ely, Vogel, N.10th, Pine, Rolling Green, N. 18th
  • N14 - Roundtree, Spears, Bacon, Church, Garfield, Hillcrest, Lincoln, Madison, Cloverleaf, Sunnibrook
  • S25 -Fairway Oaks, Hardwick, Waldrop

Vegetation Management

  • Grids:
    S13, S14, N12, N13

Recent Street Sweeping Activity